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Kanin Gaming Branding

Updated: May 24, 2022

Kanin Gaming is a local take-out shop in Batangas. They serve K.O. delicious rice in a box inspired by rice dishes around the world 🚀 It is a popular for their hearty food and nostalgic 8bit arcade inspired vibe 👾

The Problem

Started 2019, Kanin Gaming did not have a solid branding. Although the logo had a fun catchy color, it did not reach the huge potential of making the look easier to recall. The business was trying to get attention in social media and used a lot of random colors in making their marketing materials.

A lot of people liked the taste of their food and appreciated the unique idea of the whole menu. The brand is trying to attract people of all ages, however, it was very noticeable that they appeal a lot to younger group of people.

Another problem was the cost of their packaging. Because they used a lot of colors in their packaging, it added to their production cost. This problem needs to be addressed early on as it was in the original plan to make the business franchisable in the future.

Facts in Hand

I gathered info. These are the questions that I asked:

  • What is the age range of your customers

  • What tone will catch the customers' attention?

  • What niche are you targeting?

  • What can make this brand stand out from the rest of existing competitors?

My Creative Process

Now that I already know the facts and the message that this brand wants to convey, I tried to list down 5 words to solidify the look and feel of the brand. Here are the words that I came up with.

  1. Casual

  2. Average price

  3. Street- style

  4. 8bit

  5. Friendly

Next thing, I collected tons of graphic inspiration all over the internet. The top 3 websites where I get inspirations are Pinterest, Behance & Dribble.

Along the process, it got confusing as a lot of inspirations where really good. A lot of artists out there wowed me and really got my attention while I was collecting inspirations. I also consider my ability of producing graphic assets sustainably and with speed so I decided to choose simpler elements but with strong impact.

My Solution

Here are some solutions that I proposed.

  • Create an official set of color palette to make everything consistent

  • Update the logo make it more balanced, and responsive (meaning it could fit nicely to any type of space)

  • Create icon set for the brand

  • Reduce the colors of the packaging design to 2 colors only while still keeping the brand's look and feel

  • Come up with matching elements to make the brand visually strong and unique. I have decided that I should stick to a few key elements

  • Make the theme more of a "lifestyle" approach


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